What is AM2023X: A Guide And Industrial Applications

AM2023X is a UV lamp made by Alpha-Cure. It is a high-intensity, metal Halide lamp that emits a wide spectrum of UV light. AM2023X can be used in many industrial applications like manufacturing for automotive touchscreen and LCD manufacturing and printing circuit board manufacturing printing, as well as plastic packaging.

AM2023X is an extremely popular option for industrial applications due to the fact that it is durable, reliable and effective. It offers an extended service life and requires little maintenance. AM2023X is also quite affordable and is a cost-effective solution for many companies.

Applications of AM2023X

AM2023X can be utilized in various industrial applications, which include:

  • Manufacturing for automotive: It helps in curing UV-curable adhesives and coatings onto automobile parts, like headlights, taillights and bumpers. It can also be used to cure UV-curable paints and paints on automotive components.
  • Manufacturing of LCDs and touchscreens: AM2023X is used to cure UV-curable adhesives and coatings for touchscreen and LCD panels. It can also cure UV-curable inks and coatings on touchscreen and LCD panels.
  • Manufacturing of printed circuit boards: It finds uses to cure solder masks that are UV-curable and photoresists printed on circuit boards. You should also consider it for treating UV-curable inks as well as coatings for printed circuit boards.
  • Printing AM2023X: Printing AM2023X uses UV cure to fix inks and coatings onto printed surfaces, like packages and labels. You can also use it for curing UV-curable adhesives as well as coatings on printed material.
  • Packaging made of plastic: AM2023X uses UV cureable paints to fix for plastic packaging materials like bottles and bags. You can use it for curing UV curable inks as well as paints, those ones to plastic packaging material.

Benefits of AM2023X

There are numerous advantages of making use of AM2023X to use in applications that require industrialization. These include:

  1. A high-intensity lamp: AM 2023X is a very high-intensity UV lamp, meaning it is able to cure UV-curable material quickly and effectively. This will increase efficiency and lower costs.
  2. Broad spectrum: AM2023X produces a wide spectrum of ultraviolet light which makes it ideal for a broad spectrum of uses. This means that you do not have to have multiple kinds that emit UV light.
  3. A lifetime of service: It has a long service life, which minimizes maintenance and downtime expenses.
  4. Easy maintenance: AM 2023X has a low maintenance that can save companies time and money.
  5. Affordable: You can purchase it for a reasonable price and is a cost-effective solution for many enterprises.

Case studies

Here are some examples of how AM2023X is helpful for industrial use:

  • Manufacturing of automotive parts: A major manufacturer of automobiles utilizes AM2023X in order to treat UV-curable adhesives for headlights. The company can treat the adhesives within just a half the amount of time that it takes with conventional methods. This has led to significant improvement in productivity and savings in costs.
  • Manufacturing of LCD and touchscreens: A top manufacturer of touchscreen panels and LCDs uses AM2023X in order to treat UV curable layers on their products. The company is able produce consistent and top-quality results using AM2023X. This has allowed the company maintain its name as a producer of high-quality products.
  • Manufacturing of printed circuit boards: A major electronics maker utilizes this lamp to cure solder masks that are UV-curable and photoresists on printed circuit boards. The company can obtain high-precision results using AM2023X. This is vital for making superior printed circuit boards.
  • Printing commercial printers: make use of it to cure UV-curable coatings and inks for its items. The company has been able to obtain quick curing times as well as top-quality results using AM2023X. This has allowed the company to fulfill the requirements of its clients.
  • Plastic packaging: A manufacturer of plastic packaging uses it for curing UV curable coats onto its packaging materials. The company has been able to get quick curing times and top-quality results using it. This has allowed the business to increase its productivity and cut costs.


AM2023X is an intense UV lamp that finds uses in a wide range of industrial applications. It is a durable, reliable, and energy-efficient lamp with an extended service life and requires minimal maintenance. AM2023X is a preferred option for industrial use because it’s an affordable solution for all kinds of industries.

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